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Welcome to the Tuesday (TAGG) and Saturday (SAGG) Afternoon Golf Groups web site.

The News

Russ Broderick and Ed Clothier will sit out play for Saturday November 1

The Rules
The rules of golf allow you to Identify your ball by lifting it, ONLY IF ANOTHER PLAYER IS OBSERVING!
Then you HAVE to replace it EXACTLY as it was prior to your lifting it.

We allow moving the ball in the fairway but not in the rough. I know this rough is tough for you guys from up north but play by the rules! If you see someone lifting or moving his ball in the rough, tell him he can't do that!
If you have a problem identifying your ball, put some marks on it.
We currently have one player that seems to think he can better his lie in the rough and that just ain't fair!!

That time of the year again!
#1 - Over seed. I will try my best to keep us off courses that are in the rough only stage of the overseed process.
Mistakes can and do happen. If you see that I have put in for a course that is rough only, let me know as soon as possible.

#2 - Priority Fees. For a lot of us this is the time of the year our Priority comes due. Avoid a call from me by paying promptly.
If you are trying to delay payment as long as possible, remember that for Tuesday play, you have to pay by the Friday before and tell them to activate it for Tuesday. For Saturday play, have it paid for by Tuesday with the activation starting on Saturday.

The password for signing up to play is:
Tuesday - tag
Saturday - sag

Please update your phone and email contact lists if needed to these:
Lee during waking hours: (352) 205-9481
Roger all hours (352) 750-3391

If you need special consideration for placement on Tuesday, contact Lee but also send me an email at: